The East Bay's most dynamic realtor

"I strive to provide my clients a top level of excellence and professionalism in all aspects of their real estate experience."


"Buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions in most people's lives. It should be an exciting and positive experience. If I've gotten to where I am now it's due mostly to the rapport that I develop with my clients and the intensity I put into making every transaction as successful and stress free as possible.”

Claudia's Journey

Claudia is one of the East Bay’s most successful and sought after real estate agents setting sales and price per square foot records in and around Rockridge. Before joining Sotheby's, Claudia was McGuire Real Estate’s Top East Bay Agent and was the third Top Producer amongst all the agents at the McGuire brokerage company wide.

In 2019 she was designated as one of four "Mega Agents” by her peers in the Oakland Berkeley Association of Realtors.

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In the Bay Area almost all real estate is expensive by national standards. In some cases it can be ten times more expensive than similar properties throughout most of the United States. This is why it's critical that Bay Area real estate agents  display a level of professionalism that rises to another level.

With most her East Bay listings rising to over $1,000 per square foot, Claudia realizes that her clients' real estate deals  usually represent the biggest financial transaction of their lives. Whether it's from either the Buyer's or the Seller's perspective, the focus that Claudia brings to both types of transactions can often represent huge monetary savings at the point of sale. For Sellers, her scrutiny about how best to bring a property to market can often result in as much as a 10% shift in what the property might sell for.

For Buyers, Claudia's intimate knowledge of not only the property inventory in a preferred neighborhood but the local and nationwide trends of property supply and demand has made her and her team experts in the bidding process. This bidding process is often extremely stressful for most clients, but again Claudia's calm professionalism brings successful conclusions as her testimonials confirm time and time again.

The Team Approach

Working with a team of the right professionals is essential in todays market. Almost every stage of both the buying and selling process requires working with specialized professionals.

This is especially true in the importance of marketing listings, which is why Claudia's marketing team is truly world class. Claudia is the only realtor in the Bay Area who does high-end narrated videos for every single listing. These videos are produced by the best video team in California. Her photographers are also the best in the business. Go to our Previous Listings page and see how every listing at every price gets the same high end treatment.

The same philosophy of excellence continues down the list which includes stagers, painters, contractors, landscapers, and on and on, even to the people Claudia hires to clean every listing before every open house. Each team member is essential to present a home in its best light to secure the best price.

Claudia's confidence in the excellence of her team of experts is what most of her clients appreciate most as it reduces the stress of both the buying or selling processes.

The East Bay Explosion

Real Estate in the East Bay is appreciating exponentially as more of the greater Bay Area residents realize how wonderful the East Bay actually is.

Finally there is a "there" there in Oakland. Gertrude Stein's famous Oakland quip isn't ringing true any more as buyers from San Francisco realize that the can have a yard and a place to park for less than what they are paying for two bedroom SF condominiums. And they are probably just as close to downtown time wise thanks to BART. The quality of life is second to none due to East Bay neighborhoods like Rockridge, Temescal, Berkeley and the up and coming areas of North Oakland and Emeryville.  But housing inventory is scarce and knowing the ins and outs of each of these neighborhoods is essential. Claudia knows the East Bay intimately and will help guide both buyers and sellers to the best possible outcome. Each of these neighborhoods are in high demand. Each has their own subset of mini-neighborhoods and all of them are in a constant state of flux. It requires rigorous attention to the fluid values of each of these neighborhoods to be able to offer expert advice to both buyers and sellers. That expert is Claudia.

East Bay Neighborhoods

In the East Bay there are very few agents who knows the neighborhoods as well as Claudia. And in real estate being an expert in "location" is essential in understanding value.
Below are four of Claudia's recent listings in her favorite neighborhoods. Just click on the play button to see a movie of each neighborhood and on the address to see the listing itself.

Why You Should Work with Claudia

There are very few agents in the East Bay who really know the neighborhood trends as well as Claudia. This benefits both buyers and sellers.

How we help Buyers

Buying a home in this market is about managing expectations and knowing when this is the house you want.

If houses seem expensive in the the East Bay, the truth is that there isn't a lot of inventory and there is a lot of demand. Claudia will work with you to help define the parameters of what is manageable for your lifestyle and lay out the hard choices that need to be decided. Click the button below to find out more. Or just call her at 510.350.6419. You'll be glad you did.

How we help Sellers

Selling in the Bay Area requires a whole new way of thinking to get the top price.

A reality that is often overlooked is that right now there is no better investment opportunity than correctly preparing your home for market. But this is true only if you are intimately aware of what makes a property "hot" when it comes to market. ROI gains of 100% to even 200% are not uncommon. If it's done right.

This is where Claudia's expertise is essential to help her clients make the right choices in everything from upgrading finishes to remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. This is an often daunting process but Claudia, after listening to her sellers, provides the experts and paths to achieve these goals.

Claudia knows what makes a property rise to the top of the market, which is why she is sought after by high end developers who need to know what finishes and plans are the most in demand. Click the button below to find out more about Claudia's list of expertises.